Northerners encouraged to join Fugu Challenge

Ghanaians, particularly northerners, have been entreated to don smocks with pride to make the Fugu Challenge gain the prominence it deserves.

Gabriel Agambila, chairman of Terraburiyele in the diaspora who is spearheading the challenge said dansika, karikotey, bananŋa, and other outfits that are considered as types of smocks are not only beautiful but projects the culture and identity of northerners.

He stressed in a video clip that based on the aforementioned reasons, his outfit has introduced the Fugu challenge, adding that it will require an all-hands on deck approach to make the initiative successful.

Gabriel Agambila further mentioned that a decision to promote fugu will inure the ecosystem.

“All opinion leaders in the north should lead by example by wearing fugu Friday of December 4th to climax the fugu challenge”, he said. “This date is set aside to be celebrated in the north once every year to promote the fugu. This would open up the fugu industry and create jobs for people of the north.”

He continued: “The celebration will be climaxed in the USA in NJ and New York on a day yet to be announced.”

The chairman of Terraburiyele in the diaspora encouraged all to wear and flaunt new and nicer smocks instead of sticking to older ones.

“l can see some challengers displaying pictures as old as ten years. Let’s upgrade our fugu collection to bring business to the north”, he noted.

Source: Ghana Web



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