NORSAAC, NETRIGHT undertake COVID-19 sensitisation at Walewale Market

Walewale (NE/R) NORSAAC in partnership with Network for Women’s Rights in Ghana (NETRIGHT), both civil society organsations, has held sensitisation on the COVID-19 pandemic at the Walewale Market in the West Mamprusi Municipality.

It was to educate traders and their customers on the disease and the need for them to observe the safety protocols to prevent infections.

The event, dubbed: “Market Storm,” was also to educate the traders and their customers on the vaccination against the disease and the need for them to avail themselves for the vaccine to protect them and others.

The sensitization was undertaken in eight strategic points in the market where the organisers shared messages on the disease and the vaccine.

Mr Mohammed Sumaila, Team Leader of NORSAAC in the North East Region, who led the exercise, said traders came into contact with a lot of people, hence the need for them to know more about the disease and its safety protocols to enable them to adhere to them to protect themselves and their customers.

Mr Sumaila said “we have observed that traders have always been left behind when it comes to sensitisation on COVID-19. So, we decided that they should also hear messages on COVID-19 because they are at more risk of getting infected,” hence the exercise.

As part of the exercise, NORSAAC and NETRIGHT also donated about 600 face masks to the traders and their customers to protect them from the disease.

Mr Sumaila clarified the concerns of traders on the COVID-19 vaccines, saying they had gone through all the necessary safety protocols and would protect them against the disease, impressing on them to avail themselves for the vaccine when the opportunity came.

Some of the traders called for increased regular updates on the disease to let people know that it was still spreading to change their behaviours towards adhering to the safety protocols.

Others also said wearing of face masks in the market was ideal for them not only because of the pandemic, but because it also protected them from inhaling dust in the market since it was not tiled.

Source: Ghana News Agency



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