Nobel Trust Herbal clinic adjudged the overall best Herbal clinic of the year 2020

Nobel Trust Herbal clinic has been adjudged the overall best Herbal clinic of the year 2020 at the 4th award ceremony by the West African Traditional Alternative Medical Awards in Accra Ghana.

The facility, which specializes in using herbal and alternative medicine in curing liver, heart, kidney, and other various diseases, was recognized in Ghana for its kin interest on heart related conditions especially during these COVID-19 pandemic.

Nobel Trust Clinic also won other 2 awards which includes best heart disease treatment center of and best TV talk show of the year dubbed “Nipa Dua MU Nsem” for the year 2020.

The clinic is said to have become one of the leading health centers in Ghana providing effective and high-quality healthcare for patients especially with Heart condition since it began its operations 15 years ago.

They have as well specialized in acute and chronic diseases such as stroke, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, infertility, prostate disorder, high blood pressure, diabetes etc.

These awards come confirming reports from WHO that 70% of Ghana’s population ‘depend exclusively on traditional and alternative medicine for their health care.

According to the organizers, people’s views on health, no matter where they are in the world, are shaped by their cultural and traditional beliefs.

Therefore, there is no doubt that many people in Ghana fully accept modern, science-based medicine, but traditional medicine is still held in high regards, as it gives validity to the overall health experience
Dr. George Donkor Chief Executive Officer of Nobel Trust Clinic in an interview after the awards expressed his profound gratitude to the organizers for recognizing his contribution in promoting quality and affordable health care through herbal and alternatives means.

“My prayer all this while is for God to continue to use me as a vessel to be able to properly diagnose research and cure my patients who call on me in times of need’

“I know this award is to also urge me to reach out to save more lives and be more committed in ensuring that the people of Ghana and beyond benefit from our modernized traditional medicines.

Meanwhile, Herbal and alternative Medicine is said to be one of the major sources that support the government to keep the economy moving in terms of healthcare delivery, employment, research, export etc.

However, an appeal has been made to the government to consider the herbal and alternative industry when creating a department of ministry so that they can have a direct access of channeling their concerns and challenges.

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Source: Ghana Web



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