Managing Director of FanMilk praises distributors for good work in a difficult year

Managing Director of FanMilk, Ziobeieton Yeo, has praised distributors and agents for being resilient despite a challenging year induced by COVID-19.

Mr. Yeo spoke during a sales partner reward event organized by the company for its distributors nationwide, and he took the opportunity to thank the distributors, agents, vendors and the entire sales team for their hard work.

Experienced FanMilk distributor, AL-AFA-JUA Ltd, emerged as the overall grand winner, and a total of 80 agents and 6 key distributors won various awards nationwide. Winners received specially designed rewards such as trucks, motor vehicles, and deep freezers to help grow their business.

Speaking at the event, Mr. Yeo said, “We are very proud of the resilience our sales partners have shown. COVID-19 has seriously shaken our business ecosystem. So as we entered 2021, we asked ourselves what more can we do to support our partners. That is why we are here to pause and recognize our agents and distributors, and we hope that we inspire other organizations to do same”

Mr. Yeo has been at the helm of Ghana’s beloved producer of milk-based and fruit-based brands since 2019. He is a seasoned manager with 20 years experience in general management, global marketing, operations, communications, brand development and product management.

An Ivorian citizen, Mr. Yeo is one of the well-known business leaders from West Africa, having worked in multiple countries including Cote d’Ivoire, Senegal, Kenya, Ghana and South Africa. He is known for bringing an exciting, hands on, fast paced approach to lead teams to excellence.

FanMilk has been in the news recently for innovative new products like SuperYogo fortified yoghurt, GoSlo premium ice cream and NutriDay yoghurt that contains Zinc to support the immune system.

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Source: Ghana Web



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