Man shot at Coronation Junction in Cape Coast

Cape Coast,- A man believed to be in his 60s has been shot and robbed in a Hollywood movie style by armed robbers on a motorbike in front of a Bank at Coronation, a suburb of Cape Coast.

The victim who was identified as Mr. Amuzu, a resident of OLA, also a suburb of Cape Coast, was rushed to the hospital by residents after he sustained serious gunshot injuries on his right leg.

The incident occurred on Wednesday, October 06, attracting a large crowd who were seen gathered and talking in groups with great shock and disappointment when the FNA got there.

Eye witnesses who spoke to the Ghana News Agency (GNA), expressed disappointment at the Police for delaying in responding to their calls.

According them, it took more than 30 minutes for the Police to arrive at the scene after the victim was taken to the hospital.

The eyewitness suspect the criminals to be Nigerians because they were speaking pidgin English with a foreign accent.

Giving detailed account of how it all happened, the witness who only gave his name as Mr Adente, said he was loading bags of cement when he saw four men on two motorcycles struggling with the victim to take his bag.

“I made an attempt to enquire what was going on there when one of them gave two warning shots, I became frightened when he pointed the gun at me and warned me not to come close”.

“The victim surrendered after they eventually shot his right leg, they left with the bag and left the man shivering in pain until we hired a taxi and took him to the hospital,” he said.

Another eye witness who pleaded anonymity said he saw the victim with the bag of money as he left the entrance of the Bank adding that “few minutes later I saw him struggling with people who gave a warning shot and asked all to stay back or be shot”.

“He shot the man, took the bag and rode off, we could not immediately assist the man because we were all afraid, the man collapses on the ground and was taken to the hospital for treatment,” he added.

When contacted, the police who arrived at the scene minutes after the victim was taken to the hospital, declined to comment on the issue, saying till a thorough investigation was done to ascertain the facts, they could not speak to it.

Source: Ghana News Agency