Mahama shouldn’t have mismanaged Rawlings by listening to Kufuor—Moshake

An Executive Member of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) in the Tema East Constituency branch of the party, Stephen Ashitey Adjei, continues to insist that former President Mahama’s decision to take advice from former President Kufuor is the root cause of the NDC’s woes.

In his series of write-ups on the post mortem of the NDC’s defeat in the 2020 elections, the man popularly known as Moshake, reiterates that advice from Kufuor was what misled Mahama into mismanaging the NDC’s late Founder, Jerry Rawlings, for instance.

“When Mahama decided that he would ignore Rawlings’ counsel because Rawlings had become overbearing on the image and persona of the NDC, that was him carrying out the tutorials that Kufuor had given him. It looked like sound advice at the time but that was the beginning of the NDC’s woes because no tree can survive without its roots,” Moshake wrote.

According to him, “immediately Rawlings started shifting away, the soul of the party also begun shifting away because Rawlings was the embodiment of the soul of the NDC. Mahama shouldn’t have mismanaged Rawlings listening to Kufuor, in fact, it is not wrong for JM to attend Kufour’s birthday party regularly because the degree of relationship between the two is a close one, but my worry is taking Kufour’s political advice against NDC”.

Titled, ‘Mahama’s Costly Miscalculations for NDC,’ the write-up also said the former President’s heed to Kufuor’s advice was what misled him into estranging himself from other great foundational thinkers of the NDC.

“Today, Dr. Tony Aidoo, such a gem who was role model for many of our party’s youth does not attend party congresses anymore and as things look, Dr. Aidoo has probably also abandoned NDC in his heart.

“Everybody knows Dr. Tony Aidoo’s estrangement is because of John Mahama who demoted him from being the Head of the Policy Evaluation and Oversight Unit of the Office of late President Atta Mills to an Ambassador to the Netherlands simply because Kufuor wanted Tony Aidoo punished for the criticisms that he piled on the erstwhile Kufuor government,” Moshake wrote.

He added that “and Dr. Tony Aidoo is just one of many of our party stalwarts who have become estranged from the NDC just because of former President John Mahama who was misled with advice from the camp of our arch opponent; who takes advice from his rival?”

Moshake called on the youth of the NDC, “to blame none other than John Mahama for the sense of despair and abandonment,” pointing out that,” after we had risked our lives to bring NDC to power in 2009, Mahama rewarded our efforts by paying NPP people.”

“Take for instance, the Ghc120million payroll contract that Mahama gave Mr. Bryan Acheampong of the NPP when Mahama was President; the same Bryan Acheampong who is now Minister of State for National Security in the current NPP government. Yes, the same Bryan Acheampong who is having NDC youth maltreated by NPP fanatics. Will it be wrong to analyze that Mahama armed Bryan Acheampong so that he could come and maltreat us?”

Source: Modern Ghana



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