Love and fellowship dips in the Church – Rev Dumasi

Ho– The Reverend Wilson D.K. Dumasi, the Dela Parish Pastor, Evangelical Presbyterian Church, Ghana, has bemoaned the dwindling love and fellowship for one another in God’s ministry.

He reminded the flock that “the sense of belonging is dying in the Church,” and the Easter period should serve as a rebirth for change.

Rev Dumasi was preaching the sermon on Good Friday at the Dela Cathedral of the Church in Ho, on the theme: “Christ, Our Example of Suffering.”

He said: “A church that does not take care of one another, the vulnerable, disadvantaged and poor, is a dying church and Christ Jesus is not at the centre of worship.”

“How can we assemble here under a leaking roof, hungry and lonely souls, and pretend to be worshipping and praying?”

Rev Dumasi said the greatest sacrifice Jesus Christ gave mankind was the suffering on the Cross.

“This is a deep example for emulation by mankind. Christ died once and not to die again. His death is significant to the world. As we celebrate Easter, detach yourselves from sin and renew your faith,”

he said.

Rev Dumasi said Christians were fighting for peace and healing from COVID-19 but until the will power was subjected to the will of the Father, there would be no change.

“Surrender your will power to Him to attract the true blessing of God. Always make reference to the will of God that protects and guides us,” he said.

Source: Ghana News Agency



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