”Let’s tour Ghana” club embarks on first tour

Accra,- The “Let’s tour Ghana” club, inaugurated under the Ghana Tourism Authority (GTA), Saturday embarked on its maiden tour to the Shai hills and Chenku waterfalls in Accra.

The club, founded on February 10 by National Service Personnel at the main Head Office of the GTA, aims to promoting domestic tourism and putting Ghana on the global map as far as tourism was concerned.

A release issued to the Ghana News Agency on Tuesday in Accra said the club also sought to tour all the regions of Ghana, promote domestic tourism in line with the vision of the Sector Minister Dr Mohammed Ibrahim Awal, and the Chief Executive Officer of the GTA Mr Akwasi Agyeman.

“As stated by the Minister that he will make Ghana’s tourism hub a game-changer in economic transformation, ‘Let’s Tour Ghana’ is part of the springboard to the realization of this vision.”

The Minister had resolved to turn the economic fortunes of the country by creating massive employment opportunities for the Ghanaian citizenry, promoting domestic tourism and making Ghana an attractive tourist destination.

The release said the trip brought together Ghanaian youth of different cultural backgrounds to explore and learn more about the beautiful nature and history at the Shai Hills and Chenku Waterfalls.

It said participants were taken through series of adventurous activities and exploration, of which some included mountain climbing and the narration of the historic events that took place in the mountainous rocks and wildlife reserve.

The group proceeded to the museum of national and cultural history at Shai Hills, where the remains, skins and bones of some wild animals and reptiles were displayed.

The tour came to a climax at the Chenku Waterfalls where the group witnessed and enjoyed the flowing natural waterfalls splashing through the Chenku rocks, it said.

It encouraged the youth to make it a point to join the club on their next tour to travel and experience Ghana.

“As we all can see brighter days ahead for the tourism industry, it will be best to join the campaign, See Ghana, Eat Ghana, Wear Ghana and Feel Ghana so that we can all collectively support the growth of Ghana.”

Source: Ghana News Agency



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