Let’s celebrate Easter with safety protocols – Rev Dr Boafo

Accra The Presiding Bishop of the Methodist Church Ghana, The Most Reverend Dr Paul Kwabena Boafo, has appealed to Ghanaians to strictly observe the COVID-19 safety protocols during the Easter festivities.

“Follow strictly the safety protocols, especially wearing of a nose mask, social distancing and use of sanitizers,” he said.

Rev Dr Boafo in his Easter message said, “We are celebrating Easter 2021 not yet out of the COVID-19 pandemic but we can pause to give thanks to God.”

He commended the government and all health workers in the fight against the pandemic and urged Ghanaians to continue to nurture the peace the nation had enjoyed and work towards building a more united Ghana.

The Presiding Bishop, who is also the Chairman of the Christian Council of Ghana, said, “Members of the 8th Parliament must work together placing the development and interest of Ghana first in all discussions.”

He said Easter presented a period of great joy for Christians, “We know that Christ’s resurrection is the true hope of the world. This is the hope that never disappoints.”

Rev Dr Boafo said the power of the resurrection truly rekindled the world that was without hope and as the world emerged from the challenging years of losses, strife, and isolation, because of the COVID-19, “the empty tomb of Jesus will give humanity hope.”

He urged Christians to celebrate the occasion knowing that the message of the resurrection restored hope and dignity in society.

The Presiding Bishop said the world seemed to be in moments of fear, terror, sadness, and confusion; however, the risen Christ assured his followers that they would rise to a new beginning.

He said the message, renewed hope, and peace of the season should enable Christians to forgive and reconcile with one another.

“The message of Easter must encourage us to put an end to all bitterness and this must prepare us to turn our backs to selfishness, dishonesty, indecency, bribery and corruption and indiscipline in our society and help us to turn our efforts in healing the political, family, ethnic and religious wounds in the society,” the Bishop added.

He appealed to drivers to drive with care and diligence and save the country from the carnage on the road.

Source: Ghana News Agency



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