Juvenile football is the foundation of football – Laryea Kingston

Accra,- Mr. Laryea Kingston, former Black Star player has said welcome the rebirth of juvenile football in the country, describing it as the foundation of football.

Speaking at the launch of juvenile football in Accra, he said a football nation like Ghana can only go far through juvenile football.

“We all know that juvenile football is very important because you can’t build a house without a foundation and when we look at football, juvenile football is the foundation of all, I’m excited it is back, the most important thing is to make it stay,” he said.

He explained that management needed to provide some of the necessary materials for the players to succeed.

“It all depends on the management, team owners who are willing to the young ones in providing the necessary materials that some cannot afford because juvenile football in our time was more of like a charity since there was no funds coming from somewhere,” he added.

He said the young footballers should maintain focus so that they would be able to cope with the fast pace of development in the sport.

He said management should build a good relationship with the parents of the youth, because the players were still young and if there was a mutual relationship the parents would be comfortable leaving their children in their hands.

According him it was through juvenile football that he had the opportunity to excel in football.

“During our time, we had competitions from the districts to the regionals and winners later represent the region at the national level. Some of us were lucky enough to win the league and represented Accra at the regional level and we won as well. This is what gave us the opportunity to develop.” he added.

He said there was much profit to gain in juvenile football because players who passed that process was better and more experienced players as compared to those who did not get that opportunity.

Source: Ghana News Agency



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