Japan Motors Assembly Plant technicians return from training in Nissan, South Africa

12 Ghanaian technicians from Japan Motors Trading Company Ltd (JMTC) have undergone a two-month technical training programme from Nissan South Africa, ready to spearhead the launch of the Nissan vehicle assembly plant in the country.

Participants were trained on the finer points of how to assemble the Japanese automaker’s legendary Navara, which is currently being built in Africa at the Rosslyn plant in South Africa and expected to start rolling off the assembly lines from the end of this month and on sale across African markets in the months that follow.

The comprehensive training programme course has equipped the trainees with the ability to assemble the new Nissan Navara and learn the principles of the Nissan Production Way.

This is to ensure that the numerous quality control measures are enforced and allow them to help train the next generation of Ghanaian engineers to assembly these vehicles in the country.

Managing Director of JMTC, Mr. Salem Kalmoni said the company was delighted to have its technicians benefit from specialized training not only on technical advancement in terms of how to put cars together but also on the entire production process and the supply chain. “We’re even more delighted Nissan has given this training at their own factory in South Africa”.

“Nissan and Japan Motors support the Ghana Automotive Development Policy, which is why we want to do our part in creating jobs and stimulating African economies. We both want to create a new future for the sector and change the lives of the people who build, test and drive these vehicles.

Through leveraging Nissan’s global expertise and partnership with JMTC, Nissan is taking its best practices to Ghana.“We see this as good news especially at the time we’re gearing up towards the opening of our vehicle assembly plant”.

“The vehicle assembly plant is a full investment here in Ghana by Japan Motors Trading Company Ltd. under the guidance of Nissan and we’re glad to inform that Nissan and Japan Motors are committed to ensuring the assembly facility is 100% Ghanaian-operated, meaning more employment throughout the value chain. Ghanaians should expect nothing but the best from our vehicle assembly plant because we have selected the best technicians for the training programme and we hope the technology will be of benefit to Ghana”.

“This is a wonderful moment for us as a global company with incredible African roots,” says Mike Whitfield, Managing Director of Nissan. “We set out to build a vehicle in Africa for Africa by Africans with the Navara, which we are about to achieve from our Nissan South African plant.

“Now we are laying the groundwork to do just that in Ghana, as we help the people and Government of Ghana begin to realize their dream of creating a Sustainable Automotive Industry in their country.

Marketing Manager of JMTC, Mrs. Harriet Esi Mensah was optimistic the training will strengthen the technical education and skills of JMTC’s employees and partners as a target to boost sales of the new vehicle brands to be built.
“Having selected very competent technicians for the training; we are expecting a smooth and easy assembly of the New Navara”.

About Nissan in Africa

Nissan’s Africa Regional Business Unit in Africa serves close to 50 markets on the continent.

In total, the company offers a range of 24 vehicles to retail and commercial customers in the region. South Africa serves as a light-commercial vehicle manufacturing hub for the region with its Rosslyn plant northwest of Pretoria producing the NP200, NP300 and forthcoming all-new Nissan Navara.

The South Africa plant employs approximately 2,000 employees with additional assembly plants located in Nigeria and Ghana.

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Source: Ghana Web



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