Today January 19, 2022

Interplast supports Diplomatic Garden with irrigation

Ho,– The Interplast Limited has installed a drip irrigation system for the newly created Diplomatic Garden in Ho.

The Diplomatic Garden is an initiative that aims at bringing the African countries together, a declaration of solidarity and unity with each of the eight participating diplomats planting a tree to represent their countries.

The Garden was created when High Commissioners and Ambassadors of India and some African countries visited the Volta region to grace the 5th Volta Trade and Investment Fair in the regional capital.

Togo, Mali, South Africa, Kenya, Namibia, India, Senegal, and Nigeria High Commissioners and Ambassadors planted the trees in the Garden, which is located close to the Ho Jubilee Park.

Mr Haidar Malhas, Irrigation Manager of Interplast Ltd, told the Ghana News Agency (GNA), that Interplast Ltd, which was a “50-year-old Ghanaian company and the biggest pipes manufacturer in West Africa that exported to more than 22 countries”, felt the urge of participating in the distinguished initiative since it believed it was in the right direction to support a good cause that united the African countries.

He noted that Interplast, which was the only drip irrigation pipe manufacturer in West Africa, installed the drip irrigation system to ensure the success and sustainability of the garden.

Mr Malhas said the system installed was a modern one yet, easy to operate adding that “the technical team took the measurements, prepared the design, and a professional team of installers implemented the job.”

He said, “the key to the success of this initiative is to provide water to the trees via an efficient and simple system that would supply the water directly to the roots of trees, satisfying the trees’ water requirements and minimising water losses.”

Mr Malhas said their expectation was for the Garden to become a touristic site in the Volta Region which Ghanaians and foreigners would visit and enjoy.

“We expect the Garden to expand and host more Diplomatic representation as a sign of peace, solidarity, and cooperation. With Interplast, wherever you are we make sure water reaches you. Even space!”

Source: Ghana News Agency



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