IGC Holy Ghost Temple commemorates 25 years

The ICGC Holy Ghost Temple, [Adenta – Fafraha branch of the International Central Gospel Church] is 25 years old.

The church was established on 4th February 1996. On Sunday the 24th of January 2021, a two-month programme of activities was launched to celebrate the silver jubilee celebrations under the theme, El – Shaddai – ‘God has done more than enough’.

The logo consisted of four sections, specifically: the name of the church, ICGC Holy Ghost Temple; a unique rendering of the number 25 made up of the letters of ICGC; the four pillars in the background which represented the four ICGC pillars of prayer, doctrine, breaking of bread and fellowship; and finally the 5 design elements of the anniversary. These elements summarized the church’s identity and history.

They were the Fruit, a symbol of fruitfulness which is corporate ICGC’s theme for the year 2021; the Adinkrahene symbol of leadership which identifies the major attribute of the Senior Pastor, Rev. Christopher Yaw Annor; the Heart and Cross showing the contribution of members to the growth of the Church; the Dove which symbolized the work of the Holy Spirit in the Church producing faith and grace; and last but not least, the symbol of philanthropy which demonstrates a very remarkable trait of the Holy Ghost Temple.

Undeniably, the name Holy Ghost Temple and the phenomenon of philanthropy are very much inseparable. There are numerous individuals, institutions, and communities that have benefited from the philanthropy of the church which is implemented as a Corporate Social Responsibility Intervention.

The areas of interventions have been varied including health, sports, water, education, and security. A number of them in the past five years will suffice.

1. Health

In 2017, the church initiated the Moses Project with the donation of 18 infant incubators and phototherapy units to one district hospital in all the 16 regions of Ghana.

The medical team of the church also engaged in annual medical outreaches in the northern parts of Ghana. Here, they provide free healthcare and perform minor surgeries. 2. Potable Water Supply

In 2019, the church commissioned two water projects in the Chiranda and Baniantwer townships providing potable water to thousands who previously, had no access to such.

3. Security and Rehabilitation

The church annually sponsors the NVTI examination registration costs for all eligible inmates of the Borstal institution thus facilitating their reintegration into society. 4. Education

In the area of education, the church’s contributions have been stellar. They include:

a. Bursaries and educational support to members and non – members. Some of the beneficiaries have completed tertiary education and are engaged in productive sectors of the economy.

b. Educational infrastructure. In 2016 the Church constructed a fully furnished classroom block for the JHS pupils of Chiranda in the Bono East Region. The facility included a fully stocked computer lab and a headmaster’s office. Later, the church added a six-bedroomed teacher’s bungalow to cater for the accommodation challenges faced by new teachers who were posted to the community.

c. ICT Support: The church supported the establishment of computer laboratories in two schools in the Bono East Region. The New Longoro Community Day SHS received 40 desktop computers and accessories as well as computer desks and chairs while the local basic school in Baniantwer also received 40 seater computer laboratory. The church also constructed an ultra-modern ICT laboratory for the Demonstration School of the Deaf, Mampong-Akwapim, and subsequently equipped the facility with 60 desktop computers, printers, and internet access.

d. Street Lights: The church donated 52 LED lights and poles to the Adentan Municipal Assembly. The assembly financed the installation of the lights which lightens the road for the Rowi Junction to the Catholic Church –

These are but a few of the various interventions the church has embarked on, over the years.

One would have expected that during its 25th anniversary the church would only recount its successes and pat itself on the back for its enormous contribution to society; however, the church has decided to contribute more.

During this year’s anniversary, the church intends to refurbish the Computer laboratory of the Frafraha Community Day SHS and to provide 60 desktop computers and accessories as a way of giving back substantially to the people within the community it is situated. Launching of the 25th Anniversary Celebrations

The tone for the anniversary launch was set with activities including a video recounting the church’s journey through the past 25 years, a poetic nuance of the video’s narration, and nostalgic picture slide shows.

This was followed by the unveiling of the Anniversary T-shirts through the creativity of dance and choreography. At the end of the service, the Senior Pastor and leadership unveiled a giant 3D image of the anniversary’s official hashtag, #[email protected] Insert a picture of the 3D image.

Afterward, scores of congregants, old and young, thronged the lawn to take photos and selfies to flood their social media timelines. The buzz, euphoria, and camaraderie was the exact feeling the organizers wanted to create for the launch and indeed last Sunday was not short of it.

Among the plethora of interventions initiated by the Holy Ghost Temple or its departments.

The senior pastor of the Christian Life Center at Lamberth, London, Ps John Dompreh, who was the Guest Minister delivered a sermon on six things to do to be fruitful this year.

Indeed, the ICGC Holy Ghost Temple’s 25th Anniversary theme of ‘El-Shaddai, God has done more than enough’ not only epitomizes the sentiments of church members who have been spiritually nourished over the years, but also the silent appreciation of the numerous lives outside the church that have been impacted through its benevolent activities.

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