Ho,- Mr Divine Bosson, the Ho Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) has expressed commitment to provide the desired road networks to meet the needs of the fast-expanding Municipality.

He said the Assembly had therefore cemented a policy that makes for monthly inspection of road networks to effect the necessary demolition, enforcement, and expansions.

The MCE was addressing an end of year gathering at his official residence in Ho.

He said the efforts had so far resulted in the realisation of at least three major access ways in the Municipality, which had long been ignored and obstructed by illegal houses and structures.

He said the major challenge to the development of the city remains the siting of structures on roads and waterways, and that the Assembly, in consultation with stakeholders including chiefs, would clear such passages.

“The Policy is simple. Ho has reached Metropolitan Assembly status just that it is yet to be endorsed on paper. What must we do to fit into our Metropolitan Assembly status? We have to expand the roads.

“More people are putting up structures indiscriminately. We will demolish such structures no matter the political affiliations of its owners. The city will not progress if people keep doing as they please.

“It has now become a policy for the Ho Assembly. Every month, we will use three or four days to open roads,” Mr Bosson stated, asking the people of the Municipality to verify from the town planning department whether or not their properties were wrongly sited.

The MCE, less than three months into his appointment, has succeeded in clearing out at least three inroads amidst the headstrong demolition of illegal structures.

He announced that sanitation officers would be empowered to ensure cleanliness and hygiene throughout the city, and added that culprits would not pay less than GH¢1,000.00 when found guilty of the least offence, and that a total of 56 people had already been prosecuted.

Source: Ghana News Agency

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