Habiba Sinare with Mama Mariam Foundation to help 9 district health centre’s maternity blocks in the North

After launching her foundation, Mama Mariam, last month, actress Habiba Sinare is gearing to commence her humanitarian projects with the construction and renovation of nine maternity blocks in the Northern part of Ghana.

The foundation which seeks to change and create opportunities for the youth especially those in the deprived areas across Ghana has listed nine maternity blocks in the nNorth, which she is going to build and furnish with ultra-modern equipment, theater, two delivery rooms, 100 new beds, drill boreholes and provide Poly Tanks for each maternity block.

The NGO will also expand and renovate the pediatric unit of the hospitals and provide drinking water.

These humanitarian services will benefit maternity blocks in health centres across Salaga, Miaw, Savulegu and some parts of the Savanna Region.

According to the founder and CEO of the NGO, Miss Sinare, the NGO’s priority is to spread love and change lives.

It also pursues a world where everyone in deprived areas across the country has the opportunity to have good health, quality education, and aiding vocational skills.

The vision of the NGO is to change the future by implementing sustainable programs that will improve the reception to opportunities and lifesaving services. Mama Mariam has four phenomenal values which include; empowering others, development, activating leaders and compassion.

Miss Sinare shared the NGO’s aims; construction of schools in the rural Northern communities, build a Mama Mariam ward in all the Regional and District hospitals of the Northern sector, provide quality accessibility to water in the rural Northern sectors, set up vocational institutions in the Northern rural sectors, put up maternity centers in rural sectors.

Mama Mariam Foundation is scheduled to roll out these life changing projects; clean drinking water in the next year.

In the next 2 years, deprived communities in the Northern sector of Ghana should have access to good health care by 15%, , deprived communities in the Northern sector of Ghana should have access to quality education by 10% and 5 clinics and 5 vocational schools should be built in deprived rural communities.

To help support this good course by Mama Mariam Foundation, visit WWW.HABIBASINARE.COM

Source: Ghana Web



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