GSA calls for strict enforcement of standards in the country


Effia (WR),- Professor Alex Dodoo, the Executive Director of the Ghana Standards Authority says enforcement must not only be seen in the law and order arena but in quality and standards.

He said, God, the creator, believed in standards and specifications as stated in Genesis 1:28, saying, it was about time Ghanaians began doing the right things for the right results in trade and commerce.

Handing over of a new Wielding studio for the Takoradi Technical University by the Design and Technology Institute, Prof. Dodoo, said it was a divine duty to promote accuracy in measurements as the creator designed it, saying, “I mean standards and not double standards”.

He wondered why dishonest behaviour seemed to be winning over the rights in society and queried, “we are all Christians, Muslims or have one faith to believe in and all these beliefs promote standards and right doings… leadership must begin to set the right examples”.

Prof. Dodoo, encouraged the school to begin looking at manufacturing instruments that promoted standards and measurements, adding, “why do we still use Oluka in the country, when weighing scales should be the order? the fuel filling stations are no different”.

He said, “the conversation on standards must begin now on rules and regulations…consumers must also hold the powers that be accountable to get results”.

The Western Regional Minister, Kwabena Okyere Darko-Mensah, noted how inspection on some school furniture revealed disgusting results on lack of specifications and prayed that precision and accuracy in designing would be adopted by people in that sector.

Source: Ghana News Agency

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