Great Olympics teenager Rodney Appiah optimistic about succeeding as a footballer

Great Olympics teenager, Rodney Appiah has noted that he sees himself succeeding as a footballer due to the support he continues to receive especially from his father Stephen Appiah.

Born to one of Ghana’s great players, the attacker recently sealed a move to Great Olympics where he is expected to continue his development while playing in the Premier League.

Speaking to 3 Sports in an interview, Rodney Appiah has opened up on how his father Stephen Appiah’s successes for the Black Stars has influenced his career.

“I grew up playing football my whole life. I was born in Italy, I started my football career over there at Juventus academy. With the support of my dad and everything I really saw myself going to make it,” the forward said.

Rodney Appiah continued, “I just grew up watching him [Stephen Appiah] and learning from him and seeing how the Ghanaians loved him and everything. So I wanted to feel that same way so that Ghanaians will love me as well.”

While he chases his breakthrough, the son of Stephen Appiah says he will work hard to bet better than his father.

Source: Modern Ghana



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