GNUTS call on government to reduce 2020/21 fees

The National Executive Committee of the Ghana National Union of Technical Students (GNUTS) on merit acknowledge the various and diverse interventions of Government in the world wide pandemic herein called the COVID-19.

It is true that lives and livelihoods have been prioritized during the pandemic given our COVID-19 cases at a minimum relatively.

However, it is uncontestable fact that coming into being of COVID-19 has negatively affected the citizenry in all classes in the country rendering many parents and self-catered for students incapacitated to effectively respond to the statutory financial calls in all academic Institutions.

GNUTS reminds the government of Ghana that “quality education which is accessible to few financially advantageous persons is as awkward as poor education that is accessible by all”.

It is in this light that the leadership of all technical and vocational students in the country is admonishing that some of the academic fees components such as entertainment, development levy, sports levy and others should be scrapped off the fees for this year to effect payment immediately.

We further urge the government to expedite the process of extending free Wi-Fi to all technical and vocational schools to enhance virtual teaching and learning.

GNUTS is much aware of the motion so moved by Hon. Mahama Ayariga, MP for Bawku that is currently under discussion by Parliament. We in the technical and vocational community endorse such motion in qualification “that 2020/2021 academic fees be significantly reduced to reflect the prevailing economic hardship instead”.

Finally, we encourage the Ministry of Education and other academic agencies to develop keen interest in this national education standing block to ensure that we do not cry over spilled milk.

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Source: Ghana Web



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