GNAT Estate Officer launches book

Accra,— Ghanaians have been urged to cultivate the habit of reading to enable them to broaden their knowledge and skills for national development.

Mr Daniel Afadu, Deputy General Secretary in charge of Administration and Labour Relations of the Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT) regretted that Ghanaians’ attitude towards reading in recent times had been on the low ebb adding that people buy books but do not read them, putting them on the shelves to gather dust.

Mr Afadu was speaking at the launch of a book written by Mr Chris Gordon Dankwah, Head of Estate Department of GNAT in Accra on Wednesday.

The 118-page book ‘Web of Broken Trust’ which talks mostly about the moral decadence in Ghanaian society is the sixth book to be authored by Mr Dankwah.

Some of the other books are ‘Mother Hen, Egg and the Hawk’ and ‘Ananse and Subruku, the Monster’.

Mr Afadu said reading was the act of identifying the various combination of words and linking them together in a usually comprehensive manner.

He noted that the subject of reading in our environment was closely associated with the work of the Christian Missionaries In what became the Gold Coast, adding that Ghanaians had nevertheless grasped the opportunities opened to them through the medium of reading literacy and modern education.

‘The ability of people to read is a measure of their level of the basic literacy and that foreign investors could use this as an index of the investment potential of a country ‘, he said.

Mrs Irene Duncan-Adanusah, former President of the GNAT said reading was a key component in acquiring skills and urged students and young people to develop a keen interest in reading.

She commended Mr Dankwah for coming out with such an inspirational book and called for support from all quarters to enable him to write more books.

Mrs Duncan-Adanusah urged parents to encourage their wards to read and also provide them with the requisite platforms to expand their horizons.

Source: Ghana News Agency