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Ghana Nigeria Business Council celebrating a successful 2021

This Thursday 16th December, the Ghana Nigeria Business Council are celebrating a successful 2021 with partners, members and friends of the council.

After the council’s successful relaunch in November 2020, the new year was tasked with key milestones to achieve in order to position the council for growth and impact in 2022.

“Since 2015, the council has been growing and making strides to be relevant in the space of trade and investment for both Ghanaians and Nigerians and each respective country. We have undergone some internal shuffling, rebranding, realignments, developed new partnerships across Ghana and Nigeria and we are poised for a more impactful and successful 2022.” states Reginald Laryea, Chairman of the GNBC.

“Our end-of-year celebration is an opportunity for us recognise how far we have come and and creates a platform for us to share our plans for 2022” Mr Laryea further continued.

Speaking about the councils key milestones for the year, Ms Nadia Takyiwaa-Mensah states “As a not-for-profit organisation, we are working to ensure that the council can be sustainable – our key revenue generators are via our services and membership, therefore, we are working diligently to ensure we are a reliable, relevant and efficient with the services that we offer. Also, that we provide added value to our clients and members of the council”.

The Ghana Nigeria Business Council, along with their sister organisation, Nigeria Ghana Business Council located in Lagos, Nigeria – is a one-stop-shop for businesses and/or individuals who are interested in establishing business, identifying a partner or investing in Ghana or Nigeria.

The council’s End of Year party is taking place Thursday 16th December 2021 at WAN-SHI Gardens, Asylum Down, Accra.

To learn more information about the upcoming event call 050 9028 695 or email admin@thegnbc.com.

Source: Ghana Web