Ghana needs transformational leaders now, Bishop Otoo

Takoradi, Dec. 3, GNA – Bishop Colonel (Rtd) John Kwamena Otoo, former Bishop of the Sekondi Diocese of the Anglican Church Ghana, has stated that Ghana needs transformational leaders since political leaders have changed the concept of leadership by what they exhibit when given the mandate to serve.

He observed that the concept of leadership has been misunderstood in the country in the sense that leadership was seen always in terms of the one who has authority, power, and who can deliver and people will obey.

“I think it is time Ghana gets leaders who will exhibit true service as the real mark of a leader. Transformational leaders are people who have acquired skills, knowledge, and all the necessary qualities but do not lord it over the people but are prepared to extend it to others”, he emphasized.

Bishop Otoo remarked in an interview with the Ghana News Agency at the sidelines of the 50th Anniversary Thanksgiving of the Air Force Methodist-Presbyterian Church in Takoradi, on the theme, “Raising Transformational Leaders for the Growth and Development of the Church.”

He defined transformational leaders as “leaders who are prepared to serve and do not seek their own glory but want people to share in whatever capacity, gifts and values they have, and leaders who do not want to stay in power and enjoy it all alone but to share it”.

Bishop Otoo called on people in leadership to allow the youth to learn that, a leader was not one with power, glory, with people worshipping him/her, but one that puts his/her care, knowledge, values, and gifts at the disposal of the rest being a servant to the people.

He also implored Christians especially, the clergy to follow the exemplary life of Jesus Christ who served humanity in humility and not scrambling for titles, positions, and demonstrating showmanship which are secular concepts of leadership and must be far from the church.

According to the retired Bishop, the church must portray that it is only in humility that greatness emerged as enshrined in the Bible so that when they admit their weakness and look to God, his strength would be made perfect in them.

“All that the church has to do now is to let people see that greatness lies in humility, in service, and leadership. Unless the church continues to paint that picture, all the big people in the Bible we read about were all servants and became great because they took God’s word and served”, he opined.

He noted that Ghanaians had allowed themselves to be over-influenced by westerners who had no culture, principles, and faith and underscored the need to revisit the past where values, faith, and morals were shining lights on people.

“Let’s go back to our basics, let’s not throw away our corporal punishment in disciplining our children even though there have been some excesses which should be frowned on but not to throw away our traditions, culture, and values entirely”, he pointed out.

Source: Ghana News Agency

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