Ghana National Fire Service sensitises Osu Market women

Accra The Ghana National Fire Service (GNFS) has sensitized traders at the Osu Market on fire safety measures and how to fight fire at its early stages before it escalates.

The sensitization programme forms part of the Service’s nationwide fire safety campaign in markets after recent fire incidents.

DOI Ellis Robinson Okoe, Head of Public Relations of GNFS, said in recent times, some major markets had experienced fire outbreaks and it was to undertake this education to reverse the trend.

He said although the Osu Market had not experienced a fire outbreak in a long while, it was necessary to sensitize them to keep the market safe.

He said most fire incidents at markets were caused by the neglect of fires or the ignorance of fire safety precautions, which meant that once traders were educated there would be reduction in the occurrence.

“We have noticed that most of these incidents were either caused by negligence of fires or ignorance of traders on fire safety precautions hence this sensitization,” he added.

Mr Okoe advised the market women to ensure that they put out all fires at the markets before leaving for home and ensure their gas cylinders were not leaking.

SOII Micheal Walker Okai, a GNFS officer, took the traders through how to put out fires with fire extinguishers and a wet cotton sack.

He outlined the ‘PAS’ strategy, where one begin by pulling the safety pin of the extinguisher, then aim at the source of fire and sweep or spray the carbon dioxide contents of the extinguisher on the fire thoroughly to put out the fire.

Madam Faustina Semenyo, assistant market queen at the Osu Market, commended the GNFS for the programme and promised that they would put to practise what they had been taught.

She said they would put in place fire safety protocols at the market to avert any fire outbreak in the future.

Source: Ghana News Agency



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