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Ghana in charade of hopelessness because of clueless showboy Bawumia Mr. e-visa issuer — Edward Mortey replies Okraku Mantey

National Communication team member of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Edward Mortey has hit back at Mark Okraku Mantey over his recent comments on the increase in fuel prices.

The Deputy Minister for Tourism, Arts and Culture was reported last week to have said Ghanaians should tone down on the complaints because government has introduced good interventions that are beneficial in the midst of the fuel price increments.

“While it is true that fuel prices are rising, the government has also provided citizens with free SHS, ambulances, and free water and electricity during the pandemic. I believe we should reduce the number of complaints,” Mr. Okraku is reported to have said.

Appalled by the comments, Edward Mortey has released a statement asking the Deputy Creative Arts Minister to shut up and stop disrespecting Ghanaians.

“Mr. Creative Minister, I find it very sad, disappointing, alarming, and on top disrespecting your response to Ghanaians.

“If you care to know your clueless Showboy, Mr e- Visas issuer and his mess have rendered Kwame Nkrumah’s Ghana into a charade of hopelessness, sorrow, and total frustrations,” a statement issued by the NDC Communication team member has said.

It concludes, “….please manage yourself in your newly compensated role and deliver on your 1region 1theatre for your industry players.

“Some jokes are very expensive, next joke please.”

Below is the full statement from Edward Mortey:



I write from the cozy weather along the coast of Bortianor Ngleshie Amanfrom in the Ga South municipality.

Mr. Creative Minister, I find it very sad, disappointing, alarming, and on top disrespecting your response to Ghanaians

“Whiles Fuel prices are up, government has given you FSHS, Free water and electricity”

If you care to know your clueless Showboy, Mr e- Visas issuer and his mess have rendered Kwame Nkrumah’s Ghana into a charade of hopelessness, sorrow and total frustrations.

Fact is that, Fuel prices have seen an increment for over twenty seven(27) times ever since your philosophically bankrupt “Danquah-Dombo-Busia” crew took over, and it’s as a result of the local pricing (taxing) component with nuisance taxes on Petroleum products, such as ESRL(Energy Sector Recovery levies) , Special levies, BOST/TOR Margins , LPG margins etc and the price of crude on the international market and very importantly the depreciation of our local currency which has since 2017 breaked jail from the bossom of the IGP.

” This is unsustainable if it continues at this rate and follows suit next year December on this trend, 6.9 per litre , the theory and philosophy of the last straw on fuel prices increment seems to be nearing and observers are worried “.

“The little Economics we all did, makes us understand that “Centirus Pariibus” All things being equal, it’s a Demand and Supply affair, so Dr Bawumia should have known better that if more of $ is needed all we need to do is to supply more”

The Mahama regime left Cedi trading at 3.9, today it is trading at 6.2 come and tell me you have done well.

Now as fuel is up verily it has a cascading effect on the general economy, prices of food and services are high, transport fares and products are all high especially building materials.

Now let’s face the reality, the ordinary Ghanaian in the wake up of Covid and Post Covid while other economies are giving tax incentives, relief packages and support to citizens, your bogus 2021 ( Finish me make I die) Budget has imposed over 7 new taxes which includes your baayawa Covid 19 levy(Free water and electricity) which I call nuisance taxes on the citizenry, meaning it was a scam and never free, Ghanaians had to pay back those freebies.

The very BIG question to is, What happened to your mantra of “Moving from taxation to production”? I guess today your lazy government is rather busily moving from production to taxation because the data,figures, fraustration and poverty is glaring in the faces and lives of the ordinary Ghanaian.

On the FSHS, which is currently under life support, are you aware that a deputy education officer in charge had alarmed we must embrace ourselves to borrow more for good education? am very much disappointed because majority of Ghanaians know FSHS is been funded with our oil revenue and not borrowed funds, on top the People’s Manifesto also saw “DOUBLE TRACK” coming when it spoke about “REVIEW” quickly your so called Media goons and motivational speakers joined the bandwagon that it means “CANCELLATION” how on earth can they first time implementers of “Progressively Free” do such a thing after making strategic investment in the establishment of “E-Blocks” across the country for access.

In the HEALTH SECTOR, your government has done little, we cant have a proper health delivery system without the needed infrastructure, it took the visionary John Mahama to do what I call the “Strategic” investment by establishing four (4) Regional hospitals, over 30 polyclinics, over 40 health centres and over 1603 (CHPS Compounds) across the country when a health Minister is yet to tell Ghanaians if your administration has built just 1 district hospital, as for Ambulances, successive governments right from the inception of the fourth republic have all procured same, so please don’t come over here to shout about ambulances when in actual fact we need tangible hospitals to receive patients from it.

For your information, Ghana’s economy was already broke before Covid 19, this is because Debt was 105 billion, Capex was 1.5%, Manufacturing sector 7.9% – 6.3%, Construction sector 8.4% dropped to -4%, Depreciation in 2016 was 9% and now over 15%, Private sector growth 14% dropped to 12%, Interest payment in 2016 was GHS 10B and hit over GHS26B , Fisheries sector also doing -4% , wrapping it up with the Financial sector that was robust at 8.5% dropped to 1.8% with a banking sector that needed only GHS 9B to survive, we ended up using GHS21 B and finally ended up collapsing over 347 Microfinance and 5 Banks that were doing well.

You should also care to know, that your government is the most priveleged when it comes to huge funds, Ghana signed on to the RCF(Rapid Credit Facility) from the IMF to the tune of $1B , The world bank gave over $100M , Bank of Ghana gifted GHS 10B , with our European partners also giving is something above £20M and the National Covid fund where coporate Ghana willingly donated to us coupled with tax revenue of over GHS300B with borrowed funds of over GHS 300B, with all these monies what has Nana Akuffo Addo done with our CASH? Subjectively, he finds it a pleasure bathing in the skies with our hard earned tax payers money, everyone’s guess will be same as mine, he has nothing to show.

So Mr Man, before coming out to make mockery of Ghanaians, first deliver on the following promises of providing Jobs for the youth, IDIF from the scratch, 1M$ 1C which is now $5M 1C , 1V 1D which has become a joke , Every town toilet and water facility, Rent for the youth, 350 SHS blocks, supply schools with text books, where is the abundance of food, First and Second year of roads, 88 hospitals, Restocking of the Korle lagoon, Sky train before August 2020, Agenda for Jobs creation where jobs will be in abundance for us to import foreigners, Nabco yaamutu, where are the jobs now?

Today we are being told our destiny lies in our own hands then you know ” two trouble one God” , 1student 1 chocolate which am yet to see my cousins come home with one.

This “gantra” system is very hard and Ghanaians have every right to complain, because there is a saying that goes “To whom much is given, much is expected ” and it’s a “do-or- die” affair for the ordinary Ghanaian to survive under this harsh economic conditions.

The facts and records, “Your Freebies was scam, Ghanaians deserve better,”

Until then, please manage yourself in your newly compensated role and deliver on your 1region 1theatre for your industry players.

Some jokes are very expensive, next joke please.

It’s getting late and I need to get some E-Kenkey from Naa Koshie.


Source: Modern Ghana



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