Fourteen carpenters pass out in Sandema

Sandema (U/E),– The Sandema Wood Workers Association in the Builsa North Municipality of the Upper East Region has organized a graduation ceremony for 14 newly trained Carpenters after three years of intensive training.

The graduants who passed out with certificates in carpentry and joinery proficiency one took part in a prescribed test organized by the National Vocational Training Institute (NVTI).

Mr Cletus Azupio, Upper East Regional Chairman of the Wood Workers Association, in an interview with the Ghana News Agency (GNA) at Sandema after the ceremony, urged the fresh Carpenters to return to their trainers and serve for three more months after they have graduated before setting up their shops.

He emphasized that even though they have graduated from the three years of intensive training, they needed to serve their trainers for another three months to gain more experience and become full-fleshed professionals for the job market.

“After the three months, you can use the certificates to have your businesses, registered at the Business Resource Centre to become full members of the Association, so that if there are any benefits, we will recognise them,” Mr Azupio said.

He further urged the newly trained Carpenters not to abandon their certificates, but make judicious use of the certificates and skills acquired, and stressed that “They should not go back to the streets, there are no jobs there.”

He noted that the government had rolled out the Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) programme, and “We expect every member of our Association to register with the Council for Technical and Vocational Education and Training (COTVET) Secretariat. “He advised.

According to the Chairman leadership of the association was working to ensure members got to start up capital and kits to start their businesses and earn decent incomes to cater for themselves and their families.

He expressed the challenge of completing such training without tools and capital to do their start work “the financial institutions are not able to help individuals, so we are happy TVET is coming on board, and when we get all our members together, we think that government will look into that area.

Some of the graduates who spoke to the GNA, expressed gratitude to God for the grace to complete their training and thanked their trainers for the skills imparted in them to start their carpentry shops.

“My Master who trained me was very good to me during my years of training. I am happy that today I have passed out, and it is my wish that the Assembly would engage us anytime there are woodworks to be done in the Municipality instead of bringing people from outside,” Mr Atanpoi, one of the graduates said.

The newly qualified Carpenters were; Mr Apoonize Akanyeba, Mr Kwame Avuukatoa, Mr Kennedy Afenaab, Mr Kwame Amwantiik, Mr Jonas Abaakperi, Mr Godfred Adokanlo, and Mr Richard Abumabisa.

The rest were Mr Joseph Adaagoam Atanpoi, Mr Emmanuel Atenkpieng, Mr Rudolf Apeentibadek, Mr Charles Awombanoi Anurubiik, Mr Gilbert Asandem, Mr Anaab Abauk and Mr Kwame Akande.

Source: Ghana News Agency

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