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Federation of Labour: Local industry key towards achievement of sustainable wealth

Tema,-The Ghana Federation of Labour (GFL) has called on the government to revive the local industries to achieve sustainable wealth towards the improvement of the local economy.

“All developed and emerging economies have used industrialization as the key driver of modernization; Ghana cannot develop based on the importation of basic goods, which can be produced locally,” Mr Abraham Koomson, Secretary-General of Ghana Federation of Labour has stated.

Mr. Koomson who was analyzing the labour front in 2021 and projection for 2022 at the Ghana News Agency Tema Regional Industrial News Hub Boardroom Dialogue platform, noted that empowering the local industry would strengthen local trade and create employment opportunities while exports of local goods would increase in relation with quality and quantity.

The GNA-Tema Industrial News Hub Boardroom platform serves as a weekly media think-tank platform for state and non-state and commercial operators to communicate to the world on topical issues of national interest.

Mr. Koomson maintained that no country had developed from ‘buying and selling’ policy because you destroy your local economy adding that “no country has ever become richer by exporting raw materials without adding value to it and also having a local industry virtually at the intensive care units”.

He however argued that Ghana could not create jobs without having a strong manufacturing base and industrialized economy, “if the government really thinks that production will transform the country, then it must revive and exploit the country’s resources to boost the local economy.

“We can survive on manufacturing industries if there is conscious effort to boost the local industry to grow,” he said.

Mr Francis Ameyibor, GNA Tema Regional Manager explained that the Industrial News Hub Boardroom Dialogue platform forms part of a broader objectives of the Agency towards revamping its operations.

Source: Ghana News Agency


February 2024