Fan Milk PLC brings value to its partners

Fan Milk PLC’s has reviewed its trade terms in consultation with its customers and agents.

The purpose of the amendments is to bring value to its business partners and agents post the change in the business’ route to market.

The newly improved Trade Terms is set to drive and reward performance while helping recover growth post the initial negative impact on businesses due to COVID-19.

To drive the proper understanding of the new terms, Fan Milk PLC in December 2020, organized extensive and intensive engagements with its agents to share and discuss the new Trade Terms. Having listened to the concerns of its agents, Fan Milk PLC further amended the terms in alignment with the proposals from the agents.

Fan Milk PLC acting in good faith, delayed the implementation of the Terms to allow for further feedback and clarification by agents before deployment in February instead of the initial January 2021 implementation date 70% of our Agents have accepted this improved Trade Terms and have signed their new contracts to this effect.

Fan Milk PLC is committed to sustained partnership with its customers.

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Source: Ghana Web



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