”Dumsor is back, record another song” — Ben Moshe fires Sarkodie

The Founder of the Common Sense Family, Avram Ben Moshe has directed his recent attacks at rapper Michael Owusu Addo, well known as Sarkodie over his silence over the return of “dumsor”.

In a Facebook live video, the vociferous Ghanaian free thinker tagged the rapper as being politically biased when the country is facing power distribution challenges.

Avram Ben Moshe who is known to be verbally attacking people he feels are not doing the right thing lambasted the rapper to have the courage to criticize the ruling party for their inability to fix the power cuts problem in the country.

He tagged Sarkodie as “greedy” charging him to record a song for the comeback of the power cuts in the country.

“Tell greedy Sarkodie that ‘Dumor’ is back so he should record another song,” he said.

Many have descended on the ruling government and its administration. The level of power outages this year is gradually becoming a major concern in the country.

Although the agencies responsible for stable electricity power have come out to explain the reasons behind the sudden and constant power outages in the country, many believe their excuse holds no substance.

However, the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) has said it requires a lot of funds in order to resolve the power distribution problem in the country. Money they say is what is needed to carry out its operational duties in fixing some damaged transmission lines in some parts of the country.

Source: Modern Ghana



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