Did you know you can buy a small engine SUV from CFAO Ghana?

Communications Manager for CFAO Ghana, Dennis Gawuga, has given a more efficient, money-saving, and luxurious car option for car-specifically SUV- lovers, who are on a budget.

Interviewed on the Men’s Lounge show with host, Nana Yaw Odame on eTV Ghana’s Men’s Lounge, he named the Suzuki Espresso from CFAO Ghana as the best option.

He explained, “The Suzuki Espresso has been designed as a mini-SUV. It’s a small type of SUV because of the ground clearance. It’s not a 4X4 but its ground clearance is very high and it’s a 1.0litre mini-SUV so it has the semblance of an SUV but it’s a small engine car”.

He added that the manufacturers are working to increase the output of the engines however small they may be because the efficiency of their automobiles is the topmost priority for them. Therefore, at the end of the day, it benefits the end-user as well.

Buying the Suzuki Espresso from CFAO Ghana is your only short at having affordability, efficiency, and luxury in one. What’s a better choice of car for luxury lovers than an SUV replica that not only gives you rich man vibes but also helps you save money both at the showroom and on the road?

CFAO Ghana is a subsidiary of CFAO Automotive, the largest automobile network in Africa and the overseas French territories. It is also the exclusive Ghanaian distributor for seven internationally renowned brands which are Citroen, Mitsubishi motors, Fuso, DAF trucks, Bridgestone, SYM, and Suzuki.

Source: Ghana Web



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