Today January 18, 2022

”Dakpema palace enskins US based philanthropist as Zosimli Naa”.

Tamale,- The Chief of Tamale, Naa Dakpema Fusheini Bawa has enskinned a US-based entrepreneur and philanthropist, Ms Kennedy S.

Johnson as ‘Zosimli Naa’ at his palace in the Northern Region.

Ms Kennedy S. Johnson, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Green Book Travel was honoured with the traditional title Zosimli Naa, which symbolizes friendship to the people of Dagbon and the Northern Region.

The enskinmemt was done when she called on the Dakpema palace to seek his blessings and endorsement to engage in a number of development projects in his traditional area.

She said Green Book Travel in collaboration with Kith and Kin, both Non-governmental organizations over the years was instrumental in driving tourism, bringing hundreds of guests to Ghana whilst promoting business with other black entrepreneurs and artisans.

“Historically, Ghana has promoted unity, Pan-Africanism and the development of the continent of Africa, being from the diaspora and given the title of Dakpema Queen mother of Zosimli Naa in the Dagbong Kingdom is like a supreme blessings from the ancestors”.

She added that her organization and its partners will continue to prioritize the needs of the people in the area in order to complement the efforts of government and other stakeholders in minimizing the plight of the people and improving on their living conditions.

“I take my title seriously, I vowed to be a catalyst for vital development and advancement, advocate cultural conservation and encourage and lead the journey of the African diaspora back to the continent”.

Naa Dakpema Fusheini Bawa said the title was to enhance development in his traditional area, and to strengthen the bilateral relations between the two countries, especially in the areas of culture and tourism.

“My traditional area is blessed with young men and women with great interest in education, culture and tourism and it is my desire to welcome partners and benevolent organizations to complement government efforts in reducing poverty and unemployment in my area”.

He added that it was necessary for other stakeholders both home and abroad to join the forces in championing development projects and help improve on the living conditions of the people.

The Tamale Chief pledged his support to the Green Book Travel and partners and appealed to other benevolent organizations to continue to support traditional authorities in promoting development in their areas.

Source: Ghana News Agency



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