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CVID-19: let us adhere to safety protocol- Rev Antwi-Tumfuor

Accra, Jan.4, GNA – Reverend Emmanuel Antwi-Tumfuor, Pastor in-Charge, Tema West Parish, Evangelical Presbyterian Church, Ghana has urged Ghanaians to continue to adhere to the safety protocols and go for the vaccination to keep everyone safe and healthy.

Rev. Antwi-Tumfuor who gave the advice in his New Year message said observing the protocols would reduce the cases of the pandemic and help contribute to the national development agenda.

“We need to rejoice and be glad for the Lord giving us the opportunity to see another new year, 2022”.

“Some of us were caught up in certain situations, like fatal road accidents, and if it had not been the favour of the Almighty Father, we would not be among the living today. We give Him the Glory and Honour,” he said.

He called on authorities to construct interchanges on some of the country’s major road intersections like the Kpone-Dawenya Aflao route, the Kasoa toll booth area, the Ofankor-John Teye stretch on the Amasaman route to reduce the traffic congestions experienced on those road stretches.

“We continue to see precious lives lost on the road and we need not allow such thing to continue in this New Year, 2022 and beyond.

“I found myself in one such road accident and had it not been the mercies of the Lord, the other occupants and I, won’t be among the living today”, he said.

Rev. Antwi-Tumfuor said it was heartwarming to hear from the government that some policy interventions were being initiated to construct interchanges at some major road intersections, praying for work on such projects to be expedited, because, the productive hours lost due to the traffic congestion were colossal.

He said the World Bank study, funded by Bloomberg Philanthropies, revealed that reducing road traffic deaths and injuries could result in substantial long-term income gains for low-and middle-income countries.

The study indicated that while there is general recognition of road traffic injuries and fatalities, little is known about the link between road traffic injuries and economic growth

He urged authorities to ensure that vehicles have their tail lights well reflected and other reflective material signs properly fitted on the vehicles to help deal with the needless deaths through road crashes.

“Let us intensify road safety campaigns at the various lorry stations, so that our drivers will appreciate the critical role expected of them in changing the negative narrative of Ghana recording avoidable accident and needless deaths,” he said.

The Clergyman suggested to the National Road Safety Authority to design special stickers that would indicate when a vehicle sets off, so that when it arrived at its destination, one can check at the final destination if there was over speeding because there were standard time one should cover a certain mileage.

Source: Ghana News Agency