Builsa Community Bank Ltd invites applications for the position of Credit Manager

The successful candidate will be responsible for providing leadership, supervision, management and control of the operations of the Credit Unit of the Bank.

Key responsibilities

Report to the General Manager.

Coordinate the activities of all the Credit and Microfinance officers of the Bank across all the agencies.

Secretary to the Loans Committee of the Board.

Responsible for the coordination and preparation of annual budgets, quarterly budget review, forecasts and business plans of the credit unit for the consideration of Management.

See to the successful implementation of the Bank’s Agreements with external partners on credit.

Responsible for providing technical advice to Management on the Bank’s Credit and Microfinance activities.

To identify viable economic activities in the Bank’s catchment area. ?Assist Credit and Microfinance Officers on new community entry and group formation.

Responsible for the periodic review of the Bank’s credit policy to ensure that it conforms to changing needs overtime.

Responsible for the coordination of the bank’s lending activities and to submit comprehensive credit reports for management and the board through the Loans Committee.

Responsible for the monthly, quarterly and end of year review of the bank’s loans and advances portfolio to ensure that adequate provisions are made for bad and doubtful debts in line with the regulatory requirement.

See to the effective implementation of the bank’s training programme for the Credit and Microfinance Unit.

Assist Agency Heads to provide effective managerial direction, leadership and supervision of the Credit Unit staff members at all the agencies of the Bank.

In consultation with the Agency Heads, set realistic loans recovery and performance targets for the Credit & Microfinance officers.

Assist Agency Heads in coming out with comprehensive strategies, activities and annual budget projections for the Credit Unit for inclusion into the annual work plan and budget of the bank.

Responsible for the achievement of the objectives and long term goals of the bank for Credit and Microfinance activities.

Ensure effective periodic monitoring and follow-up of loans and advances granted to clients to ensure timely repayment.

Responsible for the final due diligence on all credit appraisals conducted by Credit Officers and submit recommendations to the General Manager.

Ensure the preparation of timely and accurate Facility Loan Agreement for all loans, overdrafts and advances granted to clients and ensure the signing of the said agreement together with the General Manager on one hand and the client and client’s witness on the other hand before the disbursement of the facilities.

Collate all the weekly returns on all loans, overdrafts and advances granted at all the Agencies of the Bank for consideration at the weekly Management meetings.

Follow-up and ensure that the Bank’s policies on loans and microfinance have been fully complied with on all loans and advances granted across all the agencies of the Bank and report to the General Manager.

Any other duties assigned by the General Manager or the Board.

Required qualification and experience

First Degree and/or part professional qualification in Accounting, Finance, Banking or related discipline with minimum of Five (5) years working experience in Credit Management and other related field.

A Master’s Degree will be an added advantage.

Experience in banking systems with considerable knowledge in T24 banking application software.

Good IT skills and literate in the use of Microsoft Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access etc.

Must have the ability to motivate and drive growth.

Must have the ability to work under pressure.

How to apply

Interested applicants should submit an application letter and detailed curriculum vitae to: The General Manager, Builsa Community Bank Ltd, Post Office Box 25, Sandema or [email protected]/ [email protected]

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