Bono Region: Male, female patients packed, treated in one ward at Badu Health Centre

Infrastructure deficit continues to be a challenge in most health facilities in the Bono Region. One of such facilities is the Badu Health Center in the Tain District where males and females share the same ward because of inadequate space and beds.

Over 30 communities in the Badu enclave in the Tain District of the Bono Region depend on the Badu Health Center for their health needs.

However, inadequate space and beds have compelled both males and females to use the same wards at the facility.

The Physician Assistant at the facility, Gifty Sodokey called on the authorities to resolve the issue to prevent patients from being re-infected due to inadequate wards and beds.

Explaining the situation to Citi News, she said: “We are supposed to have a group of people that visit the facility in their various wards, for example, kids, males and females. However, we have only two cubicles that contain five beds. With that, we have to squeeze the beds just to occupy the place. So that cubicle is what we are managing as a ward for all the people that visit here and needed to be retained. So it has become a challenge for us.”

Source: Modern Ghana



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