Ada Traditional Authority condemns youth attack on police

Kasseh (Near Big Ada),- Nene Amornortey Nangwa IV, the stool father of the Terkperbiawer clan of Ada in the Greater Accra Region, has condemned the attack on the police by some youth in the area.

During the attack, the youth took away firearms and ammunition.

“Such action is equivalent to a declaration of war against the police and the traditional leaders condemned it in no uncertain terms,” Nene Nangwa IV stated at a press conference held by the clan to address issues emanating from the police and community brutalities at Kasseh.

Nene Nangwa IV noted that after hearing from eyewitnesses and reading police reports on the issue, he found out that the move by the youth amounted to a declaration of war.

This, he said, might have led the police to besiege the community to break into rooms in search of the ammunition.

“Look there is a saying that ‘you can play with your mother’s breast but not father’s scrotums’, and this is what happened to Luhour people. If a police vehicle wants its way to a place and because of the poor nature of the route to be used, they pass through your community, does that call for seizure of guns and cartridges?

“If you find someone in your community which you are not well convinced with, why don’t you call for a higher authority? They should never repeat this because it can cause fatalities,” he explained.

Mr Theophilus Amatey Agbakla, Secretary to the clan, who read the statement on behalf of the Terkperbiawer clan, noted that some extremists and cohorts of some political parties were pushing the youth to perpetrate the criminal actions.

He said some media houses were also carrying one-sided stories to mislead the communities over Electrochem Ghana Limited taking over the Songor Lagoon.

“The perpetrators of the crime at Luhuor, Bonikope and other places must take note that the extremists, who urged them to break the law don’t have their children among them and none of their children is being prosecuted before any law court,” he said.

Mr Agbakla noted that the Songor Lagoon resource was given out to Electrochem Ghana Limited by the Government and no Chief in Ada should be blamed or accused.

“Anybody or group of persons who intends to take the law into their hands and do similar things must be ready to face the full rigours of the law.”

The Tema Regional Police Command recently arrested 35 males and a female for allegedly assaulting police officers and seizing their arms at Luhour, a suburb of Sege in the Ada West District.

Two others were also detained at the Tema Regional Police Command for possessing arms that belong to the assaulted officers.

Consequently, the suspects were arraigned for allegedly assaulting Police Officers and seizing their weapons and ammunition.

Source: Ghana News Agency