Activist appeals for re-opening of Ghana’s borders with neighbours

Ho,- Mr Siki Abibu, Volta Regional Organiser of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) has appealed to President Akufo-Addo to consider re-opening Ghana’s borderline with its neighbours to activate commerce and human commutation across its common frontier.

He observed that the continuous closure of the frontier was inimical to the economies on both sides of the borderline at the same time distancing the cordiality between families across the border.

Mr Abibu, who was speaking to the Ghana News Agency in an interview said that the excuses that warranted the closure of the borders then had outlived its reason and appealed to the President to reconsider normalising trade and movement of people across the border, which was crucial to the survival of humanity.

He said the situation was difficult to comprehend to the extent that one could not even attend funerals to pay last respect to family members or perform other engagements across the borderline, let alone transact any meaningful business.

Mr Abibu alleged that in many instances, officials tasked by the Constitution to man the borders, the Ghana Immigration (GIS) were complicit and resorting to nefarious activities that were lining their pockets rather than adding to the revenue net of the country.

He alleged that the ‘beats’ phenomenon and extortion was a common feature and the Aflao to Accra stations continued to be busy despite the border closure and wondered where the passengers were trooping in from if not by the ‘beats,’ and under the watch of the officers..

The Regional Organiser said the infiltration of the elements could jeopardise the security of the state based on the unprofessional conduct of some officials.

“The earlier the borders are opened, the better for all,” pleading with the President to review the border closure policy.

Mr Felix Klu-Adjei, Volta Regional Public Relations Officer of GIS told the Ghana News Agency that officials of the Service continued to demonstrate professionalism at the beats, border post and inland checkpoints, but invited the public to be forthcoming with information on immigrants who connived with cross border cartels to gain entry or exit through unapproved routes.

He said the Service would not compromise on individuals, who flouted on the laws as such people would be punished by the law, adding “We are resolute and as a matter of fact will not allow individuals to contravene the laws on the border closure.”

He warned drivers that the GIS intelligence unit was also working assiduously to ensure that respective drivers, who were conniving with suspected immigrants to outwit officers would be dealt with if caught.

Source: Ghana News Agency

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