Accra Lions Club donates white canes to the blind in Ada East District

Accra,- Accra Ubuntu Lions Club, a member of Lions Club International, a group which undertakes philanthropic works, has donated 70 white canes walking sticks to visually impaired persons of the Ghana Blind Union in Ada East District.

The white canes would help the union members numbering over 250 in the district to be able to move to and from conveniently, especially in the evenings.

The cane has a lighting feature at the base that lights in the evening, making the stick recognisable when walking with it at night.

Mr Seyram Freddy Ahiabor, Charter President of the club, said the donation was in commemoration of the month of June as a season for visually impaired persons by the club.

“June is a month we dedicate as a club for the blind and general sight well-being. In this season, we make donations to visually impaired persons in the country,” he reiterated.

He said the donation cost GH¢7,000.00, adding that, they would be replicating the kind gesture in other parts of the country.

Mr Ahiabor said they were doing their part as an organization to bring relief to people who were in need.

“We undertake these gestures as a club to compliment the efforts of government and other philanthropists in bringing relief to the needy,” he added.

Ms Sarah Dugbakie Pobee, District Chief Executive of the Ada East District, commended the club for the donation and called on other philanthropists to also support them as the Assembly was doing its best to protect the vulnerable including; the blind by providing them capital and hands-on training skills.

“Government is committed to alleviating the sufferings of persons with disability, this is evident in the support we have given them in the last four years from financial assistance to supporting most of them to establish their own small trades,” she added.

Mr Robert Buernor Larwetey, President of the Ghana Blind Union, Ada East District, said the sticks would help in their movements, especially at nights with the sticks lighting feature.

He said, hitherto, walking in the evenings was difficult for them because often motorists could not recognise them and with the lighting feature, lights at the base would signal their coming to motorists and other road users.

The club also donated 70 tissues, comprising 50 smaller ones and 20 bigger ones to the Ada East District Hospital.

Source: Ghana News Agency

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